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DIY Nose Work Easter Egg Hunt for Your Dog
March 10, 2022

Easter is just around the corner and we are so excited to celebrate with our pups! 

Last year we did an Easter egg hunt in our backyard, Rupert and Cleo absolutely loved it!

The most important thing about doing your own egg hunt is making sure it is safe for your dog. Here are some options for the types of eggs you can use. 
  • Plastic Eggs: I used these eggs with Rupert and Cleo and they were able to gently open them. However, it is important to note that the plastic eggs are not the best option for every dog as they can potentially break and become a choking hazard for tough chewers. 

  • Wooden Eggs: These fillable, wood eggs are a great option for the traditional Easter egg hunt with your dog. They come in packs of  six.

  • Paper towel/toilet paper rolls: This is a great DIY option and will be safe for dogs that might be destroyers! (Further directions on how to do this below!)

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Purchase a variety of your dogs favorite treats!
Rupert and Cleo love anything freeze dried. A few of our favorites are Rabbit BitesBeef Liver, Lamb Treatsand Wild Weenies.
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Fill your eggs!
If you are going the DIY route, follow the below steps and watch our instructional video!
  • Collect your supplies. You will need; paper towel or toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, scissors and high value treats

  • Cut your rolls into smaller segments.

  • Use 6x6 pieces of tissue paper and crumple them up to fit in the bottom for your roll 

  • Add the treat and top with another crumpled piece of tissue paper 

  • Repeat these steps until you have enough “eggs” for your hunt!

Time to hide your eggs!
Scatter them throughout your backyard or a nearby, grassy area. Then, watch your pup use their sniffer to find their favorites and pop them open to enjoy all of the tasty treats!
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