Five Family Halloween Costumes With Your Dog
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Natalie Whealon
September, 25 2022
Take trick-or-treating to the next level this Halloween with a family-themed Halloween costume! Whether you are going for the spooky vibe or the cuteness factor, there is a costume idea out there that will work for your entire family—dogs included! Let us start the brainstorming process for you with five family costumes that are sure to make your furry friend the star of the show.
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You've Got a Friend in Me

Andy’s favorite toys are at it again this Halloween with one purpose in mind: to make their child happy! This combination of DIY and store-bought outfits brings the vision to life without breaking the bank. Expand this costume idea by adding in Hamm, Potato Head, Slinky Dog or any of the other members of the Toy Story gang.

Toy Story Inspired Dog Costumes:
Buzz Lightyear | Woody | Jessie | Bo Peep | Rex


We've Got Team Spirit
Cheer on your favorite sports team with the help of everyone at the stadium—a player on the court, a cheerleader on the sidelines and a rufferee to judge those tricky plays! Find inspiration from a jersey already in your closet to kickoff the planning for a family costume that is sure to be a slam dunk! Expand this costume idea by adding in sports fans, food and drink vendors, and play-by-play announcers for the full game day experience.

Sports Inspired Dog Costumes:
Rufferee | Sports Fan

Photos: @kristina.m.luu
Gotta Catch 'Em All 
Be the very best like no one ever was this October 31st as Ash and all of his pokemon friends! Pick your favorite Pokémon character, like Bulbasaur, and train your pup for the momentous occasion—where you show off all their amazing skills! Expand this costume by adding in other fan favorites like Pikachu, Charizard, and Squirtle.

Pokémon Inspired Dog Costumes:
Bulbasaur | Squirtle | Pikachu

Photo: @ellietherescueddog
The costume featured is completely DIY! Ellie’s Bulbasaur costume is made from foam and wires.
Busy Bees

Buzz from one house to the next as a family of pollinators! This beekeeper, bee and flower set are truly as sweet as honey as they spread their mission to save the bees.

Expand this costume by adding additional flowers, bees and even some honey.

Bee Inspired Dog Costumes:
Bumble Bee | Bumble Bee 2

Photo: @millweenie
Happy Campers
Form your own family s’more! One can be the graham cracker, another the chocolate and then of course, the squishy marshmallow in the middle. This can be done in a literal sense or through the help of the brands we all know and love. Expand this costume by adding in a bonfire, more s’more toppings like caramel and peanut butter, and adding in a second graham cracker.

Photo: @melboban

The costume featured is completely DIY! Mel created each outfit with the help of a circuit!

Happy Halloween!
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Five Family Halloween Costumes With Your Dog

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