Stocking Stuffers for Mom, Dad and the Dogs
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Natalie Whealon
November, 15 2022
No matter if you open stockings first or last, there is no denying the magic that comes from the little gifts inside! Let’s get a head start on filling those stockings with the goodies our loved ones are going to adore. Check out these stocking stuffers for the dogs, dog moms and dog dads in your life!
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Stocking Stuffers - for your dog

Custom Ornament

Our guide for filling your dog’s stocking involves focusing on three areas: Play, Attire and Function! We recommend including a present they can enjoy at the moment (like treats, a ball or a toy to chew on) while you are opening presents. Just like kids, our dogs are all about sniffing out the present they can enjoy immediately. 

After selecting a few items for play, we recommend adding in a new outfit (like a dog bandana) they can wear the rest of the day. That way they can “change” right out their PJs into their holiday best.

Then, we move into the area of function where you can purchase a few things for your dog that you have been eyeing (like the treat pouch, poop holder or custom ornament). These items tend to make dog mom life a little easier and are super adorable too!

Stocking Stuffers - for the dog mom

Dog Mom Holiday Bundle

Our guide for filling mom’s stocking involves focusing on: Self Care, Attire and Decor! Moms are constantly on the move doing everything they can for their fur babies, so let’s treat them to a few items that can help them enjoy some TLC (like a candle, coffee mug or a new book).


After selecting a few items for Self Care, we recommend adding in an item for mom to wear on Christmas morning (like a new shirt or practical tote bag). This way she doesn't have to make any decisions regarding her outfit for the day and is able to quickly pack up what she needs before heading out to the next festivity.


Then, we move into the area of decor. Mom’s love sprucing up the house, so why not pick out a few things that make it even more of a home (like a new pillow cover or stationery item). It’s the little touches that will bring her the most joy!


Stocking Stuffers - for the dog dad

Custom Pet Sticker
Dad's Favorite 6 Pack

Our guide for filling dad’s stocking involves focusing on: Bonding, attire, food and drinks! Dad’s love bonding with their dogs, so let's give them an experience they can enjoy together or a memento that reminds them of their best friend (like a gift card to an experience with their dog or a personalized gift that features their dog). 


After selecting a few items for bonding, we recommend adding in an outfit for dad to wear on Christmas (like a dog dad crewneck). Dad will absolutely love just being able to slip on his new sweatshirt prior to leaving for the next family gathering.


Then, we move into drinks and treats. Dads love to enjoy a beverage with their dog by their side, so including one of their favorites or a new one to try! Plus an item they can use with their favorite sous chef when they light up the BBQ! 

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